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Flowers and nature - Bellevue, WA
Nature by golf course - Bellevue, WA
View from Mount Tamalpais
Serious look
Wedding by Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay
Golden Gate Bridge
Lunar Eclipse
Mountains in China captured by Canon 5D Mark II
Green bug
Dog peeing
Sky over Brighton Beach
Canyon in Israel4
Canyon in Israel2
Fire burn
Camel reflections
Crossing the road
View in Israel
Victory is mine!
Rocky desert in Israel
Rocks and desert
Bird in flight
Bird cruising high above ground
Desert land below
Vast land below
Rocks and ruins
Cat approaching
Black kitty looking
Behind bars
Insects inside bunker
Squirrel on tree
Lake Tahoe beach with stormy skies
Trees with lake and mountain
Bee vs a fly
Melancholic feel
Evening sets upon Queenstown
Trees hovering over stream
Wavy sky
Night view of city and mountains
Mountains polished by sun
Mountain path
Rocky hills
View behind the berries
View in Half Moon Bay
Scenery off 280 Freeway
View from Candlestick park
Snow at Heavenly Ski Resort, Tahoe
Small bug
Attacker cat
Sunset and boat
Capturing evening light at Mediterranean
Ship and sun setting
Sunset in the Mediterranean
Orange frog
Resting lion
Down the cliff, onto the ocean
Sun's golden cast over cliffs
Upside down lighting - kind of
Tree during darkening skies
The Mountain House
Snowy South Lake Tahoe
Green Red Yellow
Vocal seagul
Rainbow over Golden Gate Bridge, from far
Blue Alaskan water
Alaskan mountains in fog
Alaskan mountain-tops
Alaskan cold
Ships at port on a late evening
Water down the mountains
Alaskan mountains and forest
Yellow leaf on black rocks
Mendenhall Glacier - Alaska
Appealing red grape
Clean Alaskan rainforest
Perfect light over ocean
Squirrel peeking through
Silky water
Little web
Skies from an airplane
Natural light
Passing away
In all its beauty
Moon at night
Little lizards
Ship trail
Welcome in or out
Fall leaves
Lake Tahoe snowy mountains
Hungry squirrel
Sun sets over beach in Puerto Vallarta
Ocean as sun sets
Pink rose
Up the trees
Palm, horizon & sunset
Coffee color beach
Rose after rain
Water about to drop
Flowers in vase
Bee on picnic table
Seagull looking at ya
Bird has entered the building
See the little bug
Dragonflies on branches
Look through water
Hills along freeway
Lonely little bird on carpet
View along freeway drive to LA

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