Up City

Busy NY streets
View from above
Buildings of NY
View from rooftop
The stare
Classy place
Views are overrated
Night view form hotel in downtown Austin TX
Cozy night scene
Thursday night in Seattle
Seattle skyline
Quick Pack
Night view of SF Bay
SF Soma Square Appartments
SF Wine bar
Block party in Seattle
Observing block party from a window
Night games
Tourists enjoy the view
NY in it's glory
Insignificance of a human
Twin Peaks view - SF.JPG
City in photoshop
Bridge between trees2
SF views
San Francisco - downtown
Shuttle fly by 2012
Bus stop
Night street
Night sets in NY
New York high risers
View from 42nd floor
Fedral cars passing by SF
Peek through the 'blinds'
Cars on the road, and a stadium
Leafs and bus
View of the Forbidden City from top of the man-made-hill
House of the rising sun
Portion of Great Wall, China
Vast land amongst stadiums
Grandeour looking hotel building, China
Forbidden City
People walking
This truck is packed
Chained cat!
Clothes hung from balcony
Working on her barely stable balcony
Venice-like houses on water, in China
Hung clothes
Louis Vuitton
At night, Shanghai
Shanghai, view from World Trade Center
Beautiful image of Shanghai from tallest building
Replical of Shanghai
Evening at the Bund
View from the Bund, Shanghai
The circle below
Smog filled air
View from Pearl tower, Shanghai
Buildings in Shanghai
This city is our canvas
Enormous crowds - Brazilian festival in NY
Brighton Beach
Sandy Brighton Beach
Weather getting worse in Manhattan over CNN
Grandeur Grand Central
View from Empire State building
View from Empire State building2
Part of ancient wall
LCDs make it bright at night at Times Square
Slanted building design, not lens distortion
Curvy highrisers
Multitude of people at Times Square
WTC site
Shore of the island
Reaching for something
Brightly lit Queenstown NZ street
Snowflakes on the window
Night sets in Venice, Italy
Venice canal with passing boats
Grand canal in Venice
Saint Mark's Basilica 2
Saint Mark's Basilica
Ephesus Celsus library from below
Buildings in Istanbul
Mykonos, Greece 2
Gift shop
Glassy view of Turkish streets
Rusty bars
Turkish older buildings
A cut section of the Coliseum
Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy
Bridge over canal, Rome, Italy
The Vatican
Livorno, Italy pier
Streets of Monte Carlo, Monaco
BA Parking
BayBridge in all its glory
Afternoon downtown
Sun setting by Bay Bridge
The pier walkway
SF night downtown
San Francisco night downtown
Bridge structure with edges
Cranes at sea
Evening sets on SF downtown
Residential part of Seattle
Seattle downtown
Railroad in Alaska
Above land and sky
Floor plan of modern design
Looping around SF downtown
Public bathroom
Evening light, Oakland
Cutting through horizon
Vegas view
Windy California desert roads
Busy roads on Vegas nights
Passing cruise ship
Sea vessels
Industrial view
SF Downtown at night
Streets of Puerto Vallarta again
Streets of Puerto Vallarta
Broadway on New Years 05 in SF
Firetruck in San Francisco
Half of SF

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